Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu receives General Philip M. Breedlove

Wed, 01.04.2015

Wednesday 1 April, Minister of Foreign affairs Bogdan Aurescu met with General Philip M. Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).…

Minister Bogdan Aurescu attends the Royal United Services Institute Conference on ballistic defence

Tue, 24.03.2015

Ministerul Afacerilor ExterneIn his speech entitled “Missile Defence, A Strategic Transatlantic Project,” Minister Bogdan Aurescu highlighted the fact that developing NATO’s ballistic defence capabilities is a substantial contribution to consolidating transatlantic ties and Allied capabilities.…

Celebration of 135 years of diplomatic relations with the French Republic, the German Federal Republic and the United Kingdom

Fri, 20.02.2015

Ministerul Afacerilor ExterneThe strategic and privileged relations between Romania and the three states, which are our partners and EU and NATO allies and at present, have constantly developed in time, and they are now benefitting from an outstanding political, economic, social and cultural cooperation.…

Romanian Chair of the Chair of the OSCE Security Committee

Mon, 16.02.2015

   Romanian Chair of the Chair of the OSCE Security CommitteeAt the meeting on 16 February, the Romanian Chair of the OSCE Security Committee, according to the priorities stated and undertaken at the beginning of the mandate, circulated among the 57 Participant States a document that includes the commitments that…
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