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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 150 years of diplomacy

On 27 July 1862, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the ruler of the United Principalities, signed the Princely Decree no. 168 on establishing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The decree was published on 1st August 1862 in Monitorul, the Official Journal of the United Principalities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was founded shortly after a crucial moment in the history of the Romanian nation, i.e. the 24 January 1859 Union of the Romanian Principalities, under Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Elected on 5 January 1859 in Moldavia and on 24 January in Wallachia, Prince Cuza became the ruler of the two Romanian countries. Conducting an intense political and diplomatic activity and approaching the time’s powers, Alexandru Ioan Cuza achieved the administrative and constitutional unity of the United Principalities.

Therefore on 24 January 1862 Moldavia and Wallachia formed the unitary state whose official name was the “United Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia,” with Bucharest as the capital city, with a single lawmaking body and a single government. Six months later, in recognition of the importance of having the national interests of the new state represented and of promoting the unity of kin and language, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established, headed by Apostol Arsache.

The anniversary of 150 years since the Ministry was created will be marked throughout 2012.

150 Years of Modern Romanian Diplomacy