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Romanian MFA’s position on satellite launch by the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea

Press release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania expresses its profound concern over the satellite launch by the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, in spite of the messages urging restraint, conveyed by the international community and particularly the states in the area,  after Pyongyang’s announcement of 16 March 2012.

The launch of the missile carrying the North Korean satellite constitutes a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1874 of 2009, which prohibits North Korea from performing any launch based on ballistic missile technology. At the same time, the launch has an adverse impact on regional stability, peace and security in the region and in the world and is of a nature to affect the process of solving the North Korean nuclear issue.

It is in the interest of regional stability and, directly, of the DPR of Korea that Pyongyang should refrain from any other actions likely to escalate the tension in the Korean Peninsula.