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Press release

MFA expresses disappointment with the decision of the President of the Hungarian Parliament to be involved in organizing a public ceremony in memory of Joseph Nyiro, despite statements as to its private character.

Moreover, MFA took note, with surprise, of the statements of the President of the Hungarian Parliament regarding the Romanian authorities, as they were reflected in the media, and requests clarification. Consequently, the ambassador of Romania to Budapest will be instructed to contact the Hungarian MFA.

MFA disapproves the statements of certain politicians in Budapest, which seem to knowingly contribute to impairing good neighbourhood relations in our region, and their involvement in actions promoting a person that, according to all international assessments, conducted far-right, anti-Semitic activities. Such actions can contribute to artificially tension the Romanian-Hungarian bilateral relations, as well as the coexistence of Romanians and Hungarians.

MFA reminds that the Romanian model of interethnic relations matches and even exceeds the European standards, being internationally acknowledged as such.

MFA reiterates the importance of discussing the settling of any sensitive aspect through the usual channels. Moreover, MFA emphasizes that both sides must continue to openly cooperate, in the context of the 10th anniversary, in 2012, of the signing of the “Strategic Partnership for 21st Century Europe between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Republic of Hungary.”

MFA hopes that the Hungarian authorities will duly take into consideration the position and concerns expressed by Romania and that, on the basis of the broad and comprehensive bilateral cooperation and of shared interests within the European Union, such approaches will be avoided in the future.