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Promoting Romanian Candidacies in International Institutions

The emergence of a new model of interactions on the international stage, emphasized by the unprecedented rise of multilateralism and by the increasing number and complexity of the international organizations, is an important benefit of international relations in the last century. The accelerated rhythm of globalization and the proliferation of challenges, which require collective answers and approaches, highlight the growing relevance of such comprehensive forms of dialogue in the future.

Due to its multiple dimensions and specific advantages, multilateral diplomatic action remains the preferred framework for promoting Romania’s foreign policy objectives.

Romania’s increased representation and the visibility of its international expertise, confirmed by holding positions within international structures, is becoming more and more the privileged instrument for pursuing Romania’s interests, in an increasingly complex multilateral framework. The main rationale in supporting the special focus on Romania’s role in a variety of multilateral formats lies with the specific potential to strengthen the strategic consistency of national diplomatic approaches, to enhance Romania’s profile, including by associating “niche” opportunities with wider international impact.

Increased multilateral representation and visibility also implies promoting more assertively of Romanian candidacies to multilateral structures and institutions with a view to attaining the level of representation adequately matching, in quality and in numbers, Romania’s profile and level of ambition.

Romania has assumed and further aims to acquire new positions within in EU institutions and its specialized agencies, within several bodies and specialized UN agencies, in NATO structures, as well as in regional, sub-regional or in other specialized multilateral organizations. They all represent opportunities for our country to be permanently connected to relevant debates and developments, to formulate and express Romanian specific positions, to promote its priority objectives multilaterally and to gain international support for its own initiatives of special interest.