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Romania – 10 years in NATO

Press release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses satisfaction with the anniversary, Saturday, 29 March, of 10 years since Romania deposited, in March 2004, in Washington, the instrument of ratification of the Protocol on accession to the North Atlantic Treaty.

“Accession to NATO was a historic moment for Romania, both because it sanctioned its belonging to the Euro-Atlantic system of values, and as it provided the strongest security guarantees ever in the contemporary history of Romania, to the direct benefit of Romanian citizens and of the democratic, stable and prosperous development of Romanian society,” stated Titus Corlăţean, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

A topmost mission of the North Atlantic Alliance, collective defense, sanctioned under article V of the Treaty of Washington, retains its topicality to this day. In the current security context, marked by unpredictable developments, NATO remains firmly committed to defending all Allies, proving its robustness and relevance.

The ten years of NATO membership have consolidated Romania’s strategic profile as a champion of transatlantic solidarity and of the indivisibility of Allied security. Romania contributes actively to the missions and operations of the Alliance and takes part in developing its capabilities. Romania’s success in NATO would not have been possible without the sacrifice and heroism of the Romanian troops who fought shoulder to shoulder with Allied troops and, without exception, fulfilled their missions.

The 2004 enlargement of the Alliance, like the previous two enlargement waves in 1999 and 2009, represented an undeniable achievement for the North Atlantic Alliance, attesting to its capacity to adapt efficiently to 21st century security challenges.

After 10 years in NATO, Romania is a democratic state firmly anchored to the Euro-Atlantic values, part of the most powerful and successful political-military organisation in contemporary history.



Romania was the first ex-communist state to join the Partnership for Peace programme, NATO’s most complex format for cooperation with partner states. On 26 January 2014 it was 20 years since Romania had joined the PfP.

In 2004 seven states joined NATO: Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Deposition of the instrument of ratification in Washington, on 29 March 2004, was followed by the ceremony of hoisting Romania’s flag before the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, on 2 April 2004, in the margin of the meeting of Allied ministers.