Public and Cultural Diplomacy

Promoting Romanian Culture Abroad

 Romanian culture is promoted abroad through:

  • the negociation of intergovernmental agreements in the filed of culture and education and of executive programmes thereof. They are the legal bases for the implementation of various cultural projects and cultural and educational exchanges
  • various cultural events organised by the Romanian diplomatic missions abroad
  • the promotion of possibiltieis to study in Romanian universities
  • Cultural Agreements and Executive Programme  114 agreements and 30 executive  programmes
  • Cultural Sections of Diplomatic Missions:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs implements its cultural diplomacy through the cultural sections of its diplomatic missions abroad and is supported by the expanding network of the Romanian cultural institutes abroad and of the lectorates of Romanian language and civilisation functioning in various foreign universities.Romanian Cultural Institutes (link) are co-ordinated by the Romanian Cultural Institutes in Bucharest (RCI) and administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Such institutes operate in Berlin, Brussels, Budapest (with an extension in Szeged, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Venice, Vienna.

Lectorates of Romanian language, culture and civilisation are co-ordinated by the Institute of Romanian Language. There are such lectorates in 21 countries in 2010, out of which 18 in European countries (mostly in  France and  Italy). There are 17 more requests to create new lectorates or to increase the number of lectors

Financing Programmes

TPS (Translation and Publication Support Programme) was launched in  2006 by the National Book Centre of the Romanian Cultural to facilitate the financing of foreign editors to publish translations of Romanian authors, in order to support the promotion of romanina literature abroad. For more information click here.

Publishing Romania is a financing programme run by RCI for foreign publishing houses interested to print albums and/or books on Romanian culture, in order to promote valuable Romanian creations in international mass media. For more information clik here

Cantemir Programme is a co-financing programme for cultural programmes carried out abroad.  It has three sections: Festivals, Promotion and Co-operation. It is dedicated to artists who want to take part in important international festivals, to promote a Romanian cultural product or to embark upon a joint cultural or artistic project together with other foreign artists or organisations. There are several selection sessions over the year. For more information click here