Public and Cultural Diplomacy


The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs attaches special attention to education and research as part of international cooperation, taking into account the fact that education is an important factor for the strengthening not only of the cultural, but also of the economic and political pillars of diplomacy.

Educational exchanges facilitate the direct knowledge of various cultures and mediate interpersonal contacts. Likewise, it is an important factor of the assistance for development policy, with a great influence on the society’s economic development as an investment in training a qualified and lucrative human capital. And last, but not least, education may become an important factor in solving conflicts, as one of the most efficient means to prevent intolerance. Thus, MFA supports those educational projects that aim at introducing courses of human rights, multiculturalism and religious tolerance in school and university curriculums.

MFA’s main objectives in the field of education and research exchanges are:

  • To train the elites through facilitating the access of foreign students to the Romanian education of  Romanian students to foreign universities
  • To promote contacts with foreign students who graduated Romanian universities and to encourage them to take part in various cooperation political, economic, cultural and scientific programmes
  • To encourage university partnerships, research programmes and recognition of study diplomas
  • To promote Romanian language by cooperating with the lectorates of Romanian language, culture and civilization operated by the Institute of Romanian language abroad

MFA encourages foreign students to take advantage of the Romanian universities’ offer of studies, by making known all programmes of scholarships granted  by the Romanian state (Study in Romania)

As part of its multilateral cooperation, MFA encourages and supports various countries to implement the Bologna Process (i.e Eastern Partnership). MFA’s activities of promoting educational  and research exchanges are part of inter-institutional cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, the Institute of Romanian Language, Romanian Academy and higher education public institutions.