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Access of Romanian citizens in Republic of Moldova based on identity card

Press release

On June 22nd, 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was notified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova of amendments and supplements to the list of travel documents required for entry in the Republic of Moldova.

According to those amendments citizens of the European Union Member States, therefore Romanians too, can now enter the Republic of Moldova on the basis of their current national identity cards (formats ID1, ID2 or biometric).

Access for Romanian citizens in the Republic of Moldova based on identity card was a topic persistently approached by the Romanian side over the past months in dialogs in the line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Bogdan Aurescu initiated the steps to persuade the Government of the Republic of Moldova to take this step, raising the matter during the 25 March 2015 meeting in Bucharest with the Speaker of the Republic of Moldova’s Parliament and subsequently in talks with his Moldovan counterpart. The steps were further developed, including in consular consultations between the Foreign Ministries of Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

The Republic of Moldova’s Government adopted a decision to this effect in its session of 16 June 2015.

On the very next day, 17 June 2015, during his official visit to Chișinău, Minister Bogdan Aurescu expressed, in meetings with officials of the Republic of Moldova, the appreciation of the Romanian side for this decision that reconfirms the solidarity within the bilateral Strategic Partnership and the Republic of Moldova’s pro-European orientation.