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Meeting between Minister Delegate for Relations with Romanians Abroad Dan Stoenescu with the President of the Romanian Academy

Press release

Today 18 January 2016 Minister Delegate for Relations with Romanians Abroad Dan Stoenescu met with Academician Ionel Valentin Vlad, President of the Romanian Academy.

During the meeting with the President of the Romanian Academy, Minister Delegate underlined the role of the Romanian Academy played in our country’s cultural development, being one of the pillars of Romanian society. Moreover, he saluted the institution’s involvement in the “Educated Romania” project, which is dedicated to building an education system based on efficiency, meritocracy and identifying and supporting genuine talents at the highest level. For the Romanian communities abroad and in the neighboring countries, education is a means to preserve and develop Romanian identity.

Furthermore, the Romanian dignitary reiterated how important it was to Romanian-born persons and to persons pertaining to the Romanian cultural heritage to belong to a common identity sphere, such as is defined under Article 1, paragraph (1), point a of Law 299/2007.

In this context, there was emphasis on the need for a scientifically-grounded view of the issue that the Romanian community in neighboring countries and in the Balkans was confronted with, namely artificial ethnic divide. Countless historic, linguistic and ethnological studies proved that these communities have a Romanian cultural identity. Moreover, it was underlined that the scientific and academic community should express their position on the standardization of the so-called “Wallachian language.”

The discussions of Minister Delegate and the president of the Romanian Academy also focused on the fact that the two institutions deem as greatly important the scientific studies and research works on the Romanian communities abroad, but also on the historic communities, which were relevant to the Romanian academic area both from a historical, and an ethno-linguistic perspective. In addition, they approached the possibility of facilitating interaction between Romanian researchers living in Romania and Romanian-born researchers living abroad.