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Meeting between Governmental Agent for the EU Court of Justice, the General Court of the European Union and European Commission Deputy Secretary General

Press release

Governmental Agent for the Court of Justice of the European Union Răzvan-Horaţiu Radu, Undersecretary of State with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met in Brussels on 22 January 2016 with Deputy Secretary General of the European Commission Jean-Eric Paquet.

The Governmental Agent underlined the importance that Romania deemed to fulfilling its obligations as a EU member state. Ensuring the proper implementation and the transposition in due time of EU legislation is the Romanian authorities' constant concern, which is also reflected in the results obtained lately regarding a decrease in the number of reports on the non-fulfillment of obligations to send notifications on the national EU directive transposition measures (infringement procedures). EU Commission Deputy Secretary General confirmed the noteworthy progress made by Romania during the past year on transposition in due time, at the same time underlining the importance of observing the principles under the Better Regulation Strategy 2014 - 2020 in transposing the directives.

Both parties appreciated the usefulness of the EU Pilot system, as a prevention mechanism of cooperation between the respective member state and the Commission which enables to make clear the aspects of the implementation of EU legislation, to avoid initiating fact-finding procedures on the non-fulfillment of obligations (infringement procedures). Thus, Jean-Eric Paquet expressed his support in relation to the Romanian authorities' conduct regarding the transposition and implementation of EU law. The Commission considers that the Romanian authorities' answering a high number of complaints on EU law observance, managed by Romania through the EU Pilot system (79% in 2015) is a genuine landmark in the field. Moreover, the EU official recalled the decrease in the number of ongoing infringement procedures. In this context he hailed the good collaboration between the Commission and Romanian authorities, both in the EU Pilot system (pre-infringement), and in managing the procedures initiated against Romania (infringement procedures).

During 21-22 January 2016, the Governmental Agent also met with representatives of the various Directorates General in the European Commission – the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA), the Directorate-General for Competition,  the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion – in which context the interlocutors talked on the management of the procedures against Romania for finding the non-fulfillment of obligations


Since Romania joined the EU, 515 infringement procedures have been initiated against Romania. Out of these, 460 were closed by the European Commission in the pre-litigation phase.

There were 66 ongoing infringement procedures in the pre-litigation phase on 31 December 2014. On the same date in 2015 there were 49 ongoing infringement procedures in the pre-litigation phase, thus showing a substantial decrease in the number of procedures of finding the non-fulfillment of obligations to notify on the national directive transposition measures (from 32 to 24).

No decision has been taken up to the present to condemn the Romanian state for infringing its  obligations under EU Treaties.