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The inauguration of AgroDiaspora information programme for Romanians abroad

Press release

The Department of Policies for Relations with Romanians Abroad (DPRRP), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), inaugurated, between 8 and 10 June 2016, in Turin, Milan, and Rome, the AgroDiaspora programme, devoted to informing the Romanian citizens who work and live abroad on how to access EU funds in agriculture.

In Rome, the Minister Delegate for Relations with Romanians Abroad, Dan Stoenescu, stated that the AgroDiaspora programme was a natural consequence of the interest shown by the community members and the representatives of the Romanian stakeholders in several European countries.

"There is a high interest voiced by Romanians in being informed on how to access EU funds in various areas, and the agriculture is one of the priority areas. The Romanians who work in this area abroad can contribute not only through investments, but also through their experience and working methods acquired - they need to be well-informed about the opportunities existing in Romania". "AgroDiaspora is the first initiative of its kind of the Department of Policies for Relations with Romanians Abroad in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Depending on the requests of the Romanians abroad, we will launch other initiatives as well, which would bring Romanians closer to Romania", stated the Romanian dignitary.

Within the AgroDiaspora programme, the specialists within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will meet with the members of the Romanian community who live abroad to present them the opportunities of accessing European funds in agriculture and will answer to questions related to investment opportunities in this area in Romania. The series of the information sessions will continue with meetings organised within other communities of Romanians in Europe, where there is an interest in this area.

In addition, within the DPRRP-MADR partnership, a number of 10,000 brochures were printed, which include information on the opportunities of accessing European funds. The diplomatic missions of Romania in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain and Ireland will distribute information materials to the Romanians interested in investing in this area. 

"MADR establishes and implements the public policies in the agriculture area in agreement with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), actively taking over the European policies and adapting them to Romania's specific needs, by promoting its own solutions and interests", declared the Minister of Agriculture, Achim Irimescu. "Romania will not have a performing agriculture in the future, due to the ageing population that lives in the countryside and to not tackling the fragmentation of agricultural holdings. The Romanians who opted, for some reason or another, to move to the EU Member States are mainly the youth - a large part of Romania's active population, which will not be able to bring back home until we manage to recreate the same environment, conditions and opportunities they found in the current countries of residency. To this end, the National Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 offers the youth a wide range of business opportunities in agriculture and rural development. We welcome the DPRRP initiative to inform Romanians abroad about how to access European funds and we are convinced this will pay off", added the dignitary.