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The Meeting of the State Secretary George Ciamba with Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator for the preparation and deployment of negotiations with the United Kingdom pursuant to Article 50 from the Treaty on European Union

Press release

The State Secretary for Bilateral and Strategic Affairs in the Euro-Atlantic Space, George Ciamba, had a meeting today, 16 February 2017, with Michel Barnier, Chef Negotiator of the European Commission responsible for the preparation and deployment of negotiations for the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, within the framework of the visit in Bucharest of the European official.

During the talks, the Chef Negotiator of the European Commission approached aspects regarding the stages to be crossed in the context of the Brexit process, as well as the principles which will constitute the basis of the future of the UK-EU relations. He emphasised the importance of maintaining the unity of EU27 both in the period prior of invoking the Article 50 by the British party and during the deployment of whole negotiations process.

In turn, the State Secretary George Ciamba reiterated the support of Romania for a unitary and cohesive EU27, by mentioning the Pro-European attachment and the Romania's support for preserving and consolidating the European Project.

At the same time, he emphasised that one of the Romania's major objectives will be limiting the impact of the Brexit process on the Romanian citizens who work and reside in the UK.

George Ciamba reiterated the interest of Romania in continuing the convergence policies, with added value at the level of the whole Union, from the perspective of the full functionality of the internal market.

He also expressed Romania's special interest for a balanced future agreement, as well as for continuing the co-operation with UK in the field of defence and security, of a higher relevance given the present geopolitical context.

At the same time, the State Secretary George Ciamba expressed the position in favour of maintaining the priority on the European agenda of measures for economic growth, investment and co-operation which would answer the expectations of European citizens.

Both parties underlined the importance of a process as transparent as possible, while informing the public regarding the negotiation principles and the process deployment.