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MFA celebrates the International Day of Francophonie

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Today, on 20 March, we celebrate the International Francophonie Day and the 25th anniversary of Romania's accession to the Francophone movement. On this occasion, Minister Teodor Melescanu said that "The history of modern Romania is indissolubly linked to the values of Francophonie. Romania's accession to the Francophone movement in 1993 represented both the consecration of a cultural heritage that Romanians have cultivated since the 19th century, as well as the beginning of our country's assertion as a relevant state in the region. "

This festive moment finds Romania, a country with a rich Francophone tradition, which houses the headquarters of two regional offices - the International Francophonie Organization (OIF) and the Francophone University Agency (AUF), in full process of consolidating the pivotal role of Francophonie in the region. This profile was also highlighted in the context of the organization of the Francophone Women Conference in Bucharest in November 2017, the occasion for which the French Women's Entrepreneurship Network was launched for the first time.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses the hope that the celebration of the International Francophonie Day will be an additional motivation for the younger generation to embrace the French, with more conviction, not only for its charm, but also for the important stakes that a language spoken on five continents has for the future of those who want to interact with cultural and business environments in different geographic areas.


Additional information:

Romania celebrates the Francophonie Day on 20 March, along with the other 84 members, associates and observers of the International Francophonie Organization (OIF) on five continents, marking the creation of institutional francophonie in 1970 by signing the Treaty of Niamey.

In 1991 Romania was granted observer status and since 1993 has been a full member of the Institutional Francophonie (International Organization of Francophonie - OIF). The membership of the OIF, doubled by its Francophone and Francophile vocation, allowed our country to strengthen the global dimension of its international cooperation under the conditions of the trans-continental representation of the Francophonie.

The 11th Summit of the Francophonie, organized in Bucharest on 25-29 September 2006, for the first time in Central and Eastern Europe, was finalized by the adoption of the Bucharest Declaration and remains, through the scope of the works and the high level of representation, one of the largest international meetings hosted by our country. Romania was designated by OIF in 2007 as the “head- state” of the Francophonie for Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2017, the French Women Conference, held under the high patronage of the President of Romania, took place in Bucharest, which brought together personalities from five continents and adopted the "Bucharest Appeal", a founding document for the Strategy on Gender Equality, to be adopted by OIF at the Summit at Erevan.