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Voting abroad for the European Parliament elections and the national referendum began in New Zealand


The vote in the elections for the appointment of the Romanian members in the European Parliament and the national referendum on 26 May 2019 started abroad, in Auckland, New Zealand, at 22.00, Romanian time (7.00 local time), at the polling station no. 18, the furthest polling station organized outside Romania.

The vote in the 441 polling stations organized abroad will cover a period 33 hours (starting on 25 May, 22:00 until 27 May, 7:00, when the polling stations on the West Coast of the United States of America (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland) and Vancouver, Canada) will close.

In order to ensure optimum voting conditions for all Romanian citizens living abroad who wish to exercise their right to vote for one or both of the elections on 26 May 2019, 4,000,500 voting ballots were sent to the 441 polling stations for the European Parliament elections as well as for the national referendum of 26 May 2019.

The list of polling stations organized abroad and their addresses can be found on the MFA website:

We mention that information on participation to vote will be made public by the Central Electoral Office.

Background information:

We recall that on 26 May 2019, Romania organizes elections for Romanian members in the European Parliament and the national referendum on issues of national interest summoned by the President of Romania. The national referendum takes place in the same polling stations organized for the European Parliament elections. Voters may choose to vote either for only European Parliament Elections or the referendum or for both.

Two ballots will be used for the national referendum, corresponding to the two questions submitted to the referendum. Voters who choose to exercise their right to vote only for the national referendum, will receive both ballots corresponding to the two referendum questions, having to vote for both of them.