Participation of Romania at the Expo Dubai 2020


Through Emergency Government Ordinance no. 40 of 30 June 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was designated as coordinator of the process of participation of Romania to the exhibition activities regulated by the Convention regarding International Exhibitions.

Upon the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through Government decision, approval is granted to the exhibition activities in which Romania participates, the public institutions involved as well as the organisational, administrative and financial measures necessary throughout the phases of preparation, effective deployment and closure of exhibitions, namely:

  1. Establishment of the themes, concepts and programmes with which Romania will participate to the exhibition activities;
  2. Establishment of the means and methods of promotion of Romania’s image in correlation with the general themes defined by the exhibition organizers and with the national promotion priorities, including those concerning the participation of mass-media representatives;
  3. Elaboration of proposals regarding the necessary budget to ensure Romania’s participation to the exhibition activities;
  4. Management of current activities throughout the duration of the exhibitions, including in the preparation phase, opening and, respectively, dismantling and decommissioning of the exhibition spaces used for the national pavilions;
  5. Issuing measures regarding the goods purchased for participation to the exhibition activities, observing the legislation in force applicable to state public or private property goods, as the case may be;
  6. Other measures as necessary for the efficient deployment of the organization of the exhibition activities.

The participation of Romania to the world exhibition EXPO Dubai 2020 was approved through memorandum Z/219 of 8 July 2016 at the level of President and Prime-minister, and on 18 April 2018 it was published in the Official Journal, Decision no. 241/2018, for the approval of the participation of Romania to the  World Exhibition 2020 ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The legislative document stipulated the administrative measures necessary for the preparation and participation in the world exhibition.


As a result of these actions, the premises were put in place for the start of the activities of the organization committee, with the role to coordinate the process of elaboration of the concept for participation. The inaugural meeting of the Organization Committee took place on 12 July 2018.


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