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20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and the State of Qatar

Press release

State Secretary for Global Affairs Doru Costea and the Assistant Foreign Minister for Follow-up Affairs of the State of Qatar, Mohammed Bin Abdullah Bin Mutib Al Rumaihi, had a round of political consultations in Bucharest on Thursday, 21 October 2010, as part of the actions staged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and the State of Qatar.

During the talks, the two sides tackled priority issues for bilateral collaboration, laying special emphasis on enhancing political dialogue and cooperation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, ways to intensify trade and economic relations, the completion of the bilateral legal framework and consular issues. The two officials also discussed the relationship between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council, particularly ways to intensify this dialogue.

They further examined developments in several regional dossiers, like the situation in Iraq, the Iranian dossier, the Middle East Peace Process, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Sudan. They also discussed cooperation in international institutions, energy security and the effects of the global financial crisis.

The Romanian Diplomatic Institute (IDR) hosted an event devoted to this anniversary of diplomatic relations, where addresses were given by the two officials and by Aurel Turbăceanu, the first Romanian Ambassador resident in Doha.

“This moment – the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations – is very important to us, we have reached the age of maturity. Our dialogue today has highlighted the need to intensify commercial and human relations between the two countries. A direct flight between Bucharest and Doha will facilitate the fulfillment of that goal. The challenge for us is to manage and do much more in the future than we have done over these past 20 years,” said State Secretary Doru Costea at the event hosted by IDR.

In turn, the Qatar official underlined the importance of economic cooperation. “For 20 years we have had a lot of achievements in the area of bilateral relations and we are optimistic as regards more intense collaboration, particularly in the economic area. We hope to channel our efforts to expand and diversify exchanges and cooperation in the areas of trade, joint projects and investment,” said the Qatar official.


 Romania established diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar on 22 October 1990 and accredited an ambassador resident in Doha in 1993. Qatar accredited its first ambassador to Bucharest in 1997.