Ministry of Foreign Affairs



MFA press release on launch by the DPRK of a satellite using ballistic missile technology

Press release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses profound concern and firmly condemns the launch by the DPR of Korea, on 12 December 2012, of a satellite using ballistic missile technology.

The DPRK thereby defied the recommendations and appeal the international community had previously made, firmly demanding that the Pyongyang authorities give up perpetrating an act challenging peace, stability and security in the Korean Peninsula and in the world.

The DPR of Korea thus blatantly encroached upon the UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting Pyongyang from making any launch based on ballistic missile technology, and ignored the moratorium concluded with the USA on 29 February 2012.

Romania, throughout its mandate of Local Representation of the EU in Pyongyang in the second half of 2012, has repeatedly conveyed messages to the DPRK authorities, through the North Korean ambassador in Bucharest as well, concerning the imperative of strictly abiding by the international commitments assumed in connection with nonproliferation, demanding that Pyongyang refrain from any action affecting peace and security in North-East Asia.