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Projects for the Black Sea region


Romania took the lead in promoting some concrete projects under the Black Sea Synergy, in order to help revitalizing regional cooperation in the Black Sea and promote more EU involvement in the region, through flexible processes, open to all the states in the region and to the EU member states. Our approach is pragmatic and targets specific fields that should prompt visible progress. The main projects promoted under the Black Sea Synergy by the Romanian MFA and other appropriate line ministries are: the Black Sea NGO Forum and the Environment Partnership. 

The Black Sea NGO Forum

In October 2010, the third edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum „Investing in our common future” will be organised by the Romanian Federation of Development NGOs (FOND) and supported by donors: the Romanian MFA with official development assistance funds, the Representation of the European Commission in Romania and the Black Sea Trust.

Formally placing the Forum under the aegis of the Black Sea Synergy should increase its visibility both at EU and regional levels. We aim to establish an annual tradition of the Forum, while maintaining the high quality of the debates and the relevant practical results from previous editions. The second edition witnessed an increasing interest of the NGO’s in the region in promoting joint projects and in implementing them in follow-up activities. Apart from the NGO’s exchange of expertise in fields of interest, this event aims to facilitate the interaction between the donors and those who create projects so as to encourage a useful dialogue that will prompt visible results. For further details you can access the website of the forum:

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The Black Sea Partnership for Environment

On 16th of March 2010, in Brussels, the European Commission (DG RELEX and DG Environment) launched the Environment Partnership - the first sectoral partnership under the Black Sea Synergy (Greece and Bulgaria are to promote their own concepts of sectoral partnerships). A Joint Declaration was adopted, that mentioned Romania’s role in promoting and launching this initiative and the need to continue the efforts to implement the Partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

Institutional Aspects: According to the current plans, the Environment Partnership will have a Steering group - a political forum composed by member states and partner states. An open contribution fund will be established for all stakeholders, including those from the region and international financial institutions, together with EU specific resources.. 

After the launching of the Environment Partnership, Romania is taking steps to increase the sustained involvement of the European Commission in order to move from the political phase to the implementation of the Partnership, as a tool of revitalisation of regional cooperation based on concrete results.