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Participation of State Secretary Maria Magdalena Grigore in Brussels at the first meeting of the Romanian cultural diplomacy

Press release

The Secretary of State for Inter-Institutional Relations, Maria Magdalena Grigore, participated on October 17, 2018, at the official opening of the Romanian cultural diplomacy meeting in Brussels.

In her speech, the Secretary of State emphasized the role of the in-depth cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Cultural Institute, as well as the added value that the collaboration between the two institutions brings to the promotion of Romanian culture and civilization abroad.

The Secretary of State stressed that Romania is today at a key moment for public and cultural diplomacy, marked by the challenges of the present political-diplomatic context, as well as the preparations for Romania's major cultural projects to be held in 2019.

Thus, it was underlined that Romania has much to offer: the diversity of cultural expressions, high quality artistic creations and a dynamic creative industry. The Romanian culture refers not only to art and literature but it encompasses a wide range of policies and activities, from intercultural dialogue to tourism, from education and research to creative sectors, from patrimony protection to the promotion of creative industries and new technologies, as well as from handicraft to development cooperation.

Thus, the Secretary of State appreciated the projects that have been carried out so far and reiterated her support for the diversification of the proposed program genre in order to provide a wider perspective for the promotion of Romanian culture abroad, which would present the variety and complexity of the contemporary and classical vision.