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Accreditation procedure for foreign media

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According to art. 73 of Law 33/2007 and art. 4 of Decision of Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA) nr. 9 of 25 March 2019, representatives of procedure for foreign media[1] and external observers for the election of Romanian members for the European Parliament are accredited by the PEA upon proposal from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).


Law 33/2007 provides the legal framework for the organisation for European Parliament elections.

Decision of PEA nr 9 of 25 March 2019 provides the procedure of accreditation for representatives of foreign mass media and external observers for the election of Romanian members for the European Parliament.

A. Representatives of foreign media who do not have a correspondent badge issued by the MFA will provide the following documents:

  • Letter of accreditation issued by the media institution, in English or French addressed to the Spokesperson and Communication Directorate. The letter of accreditation will mention the fact that the representative will act as correspondent of the media institution during the European Parliament election process on 26 May 2019. The letter will have the official header, the signature of the Director/Manager, date of issue and official stamp.

Note: In case of freelancers, they will provide letters of accreditation from at least one press institution or from the board of the professional association where they are registered.

  • Copy of the press badge (national or international);
  • Copy of passport or identity card – for Romanian citizens;
  • Photo – passport type – electronic format, named surname_name_media name;
  • Accreditation form (scanned and word format).

B.  Representatives of foreign media who have a valid correspondent badge issued by the MFA will provide the accreditation form and a photo. Those correspondents whose correspondent badge expires before or on 26 May 2019, are kindly asked to contact the MFA in due time in order to have their badge renewed. 

All documents will be sent by e-mail to

! All requests, accompanied by the supporting documents, will be sent to the MFA, no later than 25 May 2019, 16:30 (local time). According to the legislation, the deadline by which the MFA is allowed to send proposals for accreditation to the PEA is no later than 15 days before the Election Day, which is 10 May 2019.

Accreditations will be issued by the PEA and they will be sent to the applicant according to the option mention in the form.

The original of the accreditation can be collected from the PEA  (Str. Stavropoleos, nr. 6, Bucureşti, Sector 3, 030084; tel. +40 21 310 08 24; fax: +40 21 310 13 86; e-mail: )


The copy of the accreditation has the same legal value as the original.

Note! Accreditation is valid only if accompanied by and ID document.

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Useful information:

In accordance with art. 73 para. (10) and (11) of Law 33/2007:

  • Persons accredited may observe the electoral process during the day of the vote, from 6.00 am until the closing of the voting process and the signing, by the members of the electoral bureau of the voting station, of the minutes on the results of the voting at the respective station, provided they present a valid accreditation document, and in copy.
  • They cannot intervene in any way in the organization and progress of the elections; they only have the right to notify, in writing, the chairman of the election bureau in case they notice irregularities.
  • Any act of electoral propaganda, as well as the breach, in any way, of the accreditation act entails application of legal sanctions, suspension of the accreditation by the election bureau that observed the breach, and on voting day, immediate removal of the respective person from the voting station.
  • At the election bureau of the voting station, accredited persons can only stay in the area set aside for this purpose in the voting room, by the chairman of the election bureau of the voting station.



[1] Note! Representatives of Romanian mass-media will apply for accreditation at the Permanent Electoral Authority.