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Regarding the statement of the Secretary of State of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade / Hungarian Statement on the submission of a protest note on the situation at the International Military Cemetery in Valea Uzului, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes the following clarifications, following those sent yesterday and the phone conversation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs with his Hungarian counterpart on June 6:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs firmly rejects the accusations and the unacceptable language used by the official from Budapest, urging the Hungarian side, as it did before, to refrain from the challenges and escalation of tensions fuelled also by the presence at the international cemetery in Valea Uzului of a Hungarian high official - present in Romania, as far as we know, without an official invitation from the Romanian side - and by the distorted presentation of the situation in Valea Uzului and the events of June 6.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes the international character of the Cemetery in Valea Uzului and the unbounded right of each state to commemorate the heroes buried in that cemetery. At the same time, it reminds that the law enforcement have ensured the public order in the area and informed that during the event there were no violence between the participants or between the participants and the law enforcement.

The Romanian side recalls that it has always appealed for calm and moderation, noting with regret the contrary attitude of the Hungarian officials, both through public statements and through the incitements transmitted on social networks.

The Romanian side remains open to dialogue to identify, in a constructive and balanced manner, practical solutions that are accepted by the entire local community, Romanians and Hungarians alike.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also informs that on June 7 it transmitted a verbal note to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade stating its strong protest against the profanation again of the state symbols of Romania during an unauthorized demonstration at the Embassy of Romania in Budapest of extremist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic groups in Hungary: Movement of the 64 counties and Mi Hazank Party. The gravity of these facts is indisputable and calls for firm action by the Hungarian public authorities in virtue of the international obligations regarding the security of the Diplomatic Missions and the protection of their dignity. It is also revolting that the profanation of Romania's state signs with revisionist and revanchist signs was made in the presence of the Hungarian police, whose primary responsibility was to prevent these deeds. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also regrets that the Budapest authorities have not prevented the repetition of the profanation of Romania's state marks, despite the firm demands of the Romanian State.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the Hungarian authorities to discourage and condemn these manifestations by all legal instruments and also to launch an investigation concerning the guilty people and the passivity of the Police bodies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also urges the Budapest authorities to refrain from any gestures likely to contribute to the escalation of the situation.

Regarding the invitation of the Romanian ambassador to Budapest at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, we note that the meeting was not denied by the Romanian side, which proposed to take place on Monday, June 10.