Regional Cooperation

Regional cooperation represents a major pillar of the Romanian diplomacy.

Past experiences proved that many political, economical, cultural and security issues could be better approached and solved in a relatively homogenous framework provided, inter alia, by regional cooperation formats and initiatives, which ensure a certain cohesion, coherent dialogue and a common development experience. To this end, regional cooperation provides the proper framework for establishing cooperation mechanisms that contribute to the improvement of regional, continental and international security.

Both on the level of concepts and politics as well as on the level of specific actions of the Romanian Government’s foreign policy, there is a strengthened complementarity between the regional demarches and the aspirations towards European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the countries in the Western Balkans region. Overall, cooperation and regional interdependence are useful exercises with a view to promoting the common European and Euro-Atlantic interests and pursuits.

The financial effort and the political commitment associated to developing regional cooperation instruments enhance their credibility and contribute to building common approaches and consolidating common confidence among the participants.