Intervenţia ministrului afacerilor externe, Teodor Meleșcanu, cu ocazia lansării Preşedinţiei Bulgare a Consiliului UE la Bucureşti

Ministrul afacerilor externe, Teodor Meleșcanu
Lansarea Preşedinţiei Bulgare a Consiliului UE la Bucureşti
Sediul Reprezentanței Comisiei Europene în România


Your Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to attend the launching, in Bucharest, of the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency. On behalf of the Romanian Government and of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I wish our Bulgarian friends and neighbours the best of luck in achieving their mandate. I also thank the Estonian Presidency for its excellent work over the past 6 months.

Romania and Bulgaria enjoy very good bilateral relations and similar views on many regional, European and international topics. We are close partners within the EU and trusted allies in NATO. We are reliable voices in the common efforts to support the consolidation of the European Union.

Moreover, we will hold our respective first mandates as Presidency of the EU Council in successive Trios. We work together to ensure continuity between our Trios and coherence in advancing our common European priorities. Our national preparation process for assuming the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council in Semester I 2019 is also well underway.

United we stand strong, the motto of the Bulgarian Presidency, conveys very accurately, I believe, the most important common objective: maintaining and further consolidating the European unity. Unity and cohesiveness are essential in counteracting tendencies to fragmentation or divisions that can erode the EU construction.  You can count on Romania in achieving these common objectives and the priorities included in your Program.

We welcome particularly the focus placed by the Bulgarian Presidency on an active dialogue with the European citizens, as well as in responding to their needs for greater security, employment, sustainable growth and a stronger EU presence on the global stage.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Starting with this Presidency, we are entering a new phase, a very important and dynamic one, in our discussions on the EU budget for the post-2020 perspective. The negotiations on the next Multiannual Financial Framework are giving both Bulgaria and Romania, the opportunity to bring their contribution to striving consensus on the budgetary instruments that will sustain our political priorities in the years to come. 

We share the Bulgarian Presidency’s view on the need to strengthen the fundamental and traditional EU policies that play a key role in preserving the economic and social cohesion - the Cohesion and (Common) Agricultural Policies. We want to assure you of our full support in conducting the preliminary discussions, which will set a consistent ground for the effective negotiations on the future EU budget during the Austrian and Romanian EU Council Presidencies.    

We appreciate and fully support the Bulgarian Presidency’s approach to prioritize the European perspective and connectivity of the Western Balkans. We have a window of opportunity to advance together the enlargement process of the EU. This is also an important objective for us, as a future priority of the Romanian EU Council Presidency in 2019. We will continue to work with the current BG PRES and within the respective Trios, in order to achieve this strategic goal.

At the same time, we support the objective of continuing to develop our relations with the partners within the Eastern Partnership.  The EaP Summit which took place in Brussels, in November last year, sent a political message of EU and set a concrete work agenda - “20 deliverables for 2020” – that we have to implement actively.

We also support the objective of a safe and stable Europe, and increasing the security of EU citizens, strengthening external border controls and a more effective management of migration processes.

Speaking about a safe and stable Europe, let me reiterate Romania’s support for strengthening the EU’s role in the field of security and defence and in the overall implementation of the EU Global Strategy. A closer and mutually reinforcing cooperation and complementarity between NATO and the EU must remain a reference when speaking about EU’s defense and security profile.

I could not end my intervention today without mentioning one other topic of common interest:  promoting the visibility and importance of the Danube and Black Sea regions. The BG PRES will be followed by two other EU Council Presidencies which are members of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region – EUSDR (Austria and Romania). This is an unique opportunity. We will work together to better reflect and promote these dossiers as priorities at European level. Also, we have to step up the efforts in order to renew the European support for the Black Sea and for regional cooperative efforts.

To conclude, we have a complex European agenda ahead. I wish you, dear friends, all the best in this venture, and please count on Romania’s strong support during the months to come!


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