Regional and Subregional Cooperation Structures

Priorities of the Romanian BSEC Chairmanship-in-Office


(1 January 2020 - 30 June 2020)

Romania attaches great importance to regional cooperation and has devoted constant and particular attention to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC). Romania holds the Chairmanship-in-Office of BSEC for the first semester of 2020 (1 January 2020 - 30 June 2020).

Romania’s actions in its capacity as BSEC Chairmanship will aim at ensuring that intergovernmental economic cooperation can bring its due share to the sustainable development of the wider Black Sea region and to enhancing its peace, stability and prosperity, in accordance to the commitments embodied in the BSEC Charter.

The motto of the sixth Romanian Chairmanship,Bridging Shores through Enhancing Cohesionillustrates Romania’s belief that the prerequisite for future consolidation of the BSEC should be built around cohesion, interconnectivity and dialogue. Under this heading, the Romanian Chairmanship will strive to forge a more result-oriented cooperation by building confidence and trust, encouraging dialogue and constructive action with the aim to take further steps to deliver on the core mission of BSEC - shared prosperity through promoting better connectivity within the region.

The Romanian Chairmanship’s major objective is to increase the profile and the relevance of the Organization for its Member States, by ensuring that the primary objectives pursued will be the continued improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization.

To this end, Romania stands ready to facilitate finding common solutions to the most pressing institutional issues BSEC is currently facing and to deliver sustained efforts in order to address institutional shortcomings hampering the activity of BSEC.

The Romanian Chairmanship will also pay particular attention to further enhancing the project-oriented approach of BSEC and ensuring continuity and substantive progress in the implementation of the goals set forth by the “Economic Agenda towards an Enhanced BSEC Partnership” (2012).

Taking advantage of the increased EU political and financial engagement in the regional cooperation in the Black Sea, with a direct, positive impact on our economies and societies, the Romanian Chairmanship will strive to further develop a flexible, result-oriented and closer BSEC-EU cooperation to the benefit of all BSEC Member States.

Romania believes that strengthened BSEC-EU cooperation, by promoting and facilitating common initiatives for the sustainable development of the Black Sea region, will contribute to increasing the European commitment of financial and technical resources to be devoted to the region and to the BSEC.

The Romanian Chairmanship also aims at substantiating the interaction of BSEC with the Observers, Sectoral Dialogue Partners and the Related Bodies, in order to enhance the importance of BSEC and turn this interaction to the benefit of its Member States. The Romanian Chairmanship will work in cooperation with business communities of the Member States and will concentrate its efforts at strengthening the BSEC’s entrepreneurship dimension. 

In pursuing these main objectives, the Romanian Chairmanship will be engaged in thorough consultations with the BSEC Member States, with a view to finding the common denominator regarding our joint action. The Chairmanship will engage in an all-inclusive, open, transparent and constructive approach.

The Romanian Chairmanship will continue promoting sectoral cooperation in all areas of BSEC activity, with special emphasis on the key areas for the economic sustainable development of the region: transport and connectivity; environment; climate change and green energy; sustainable competitivity.


Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC)