Romanian Visa

I. Ask for a visa online


In order to facilitate the issue of visas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs restructured the eVisa electronic portal, which can be accessed 24/7 at address, with the aim of reducing the waiting time at a diplomatic mission/consulate and at streamlining the visa application process.



Click on the icon below if you want to file a visa application online or to consult visa-related information:


The eVisa portal offers visa applicants the opportunity to demonstrate the fulfilment of legal requirements by loading online all the necessary information and supporting documents before going to the diplomatic mission/consulate. The documents are verified by the consular staff, who give online feed-back and inform the applicant about his/her possibility to make an online appointment through the portal, for a certain date and time, when to be present at the relevant diplomatic mission or consulate in order to have the original documents verified and the file registered.

The eVisa portal offers users the possibility to check the status of their applications online, in any moment.

The project is financed by European funds.