Romanian Visa

XII. Who can apply for a Romanian visa and where should they do it? ​

Categories of third-country nationals who can apply for Romanian visas:

  • nationals of the state of residence; 
  • third-country nationals who have their domicile or residence in the state where the diplomatic mission or consulate of Romania is located and who can make the proof of their legal status in that country;
  • nationals of states where Romania is not represented by a diplomatic mission or a career consulate;
  • in cases of great emergency, third-country nationals temporarily and legally residing on the territory of the state where a diplomatic mission or consulate of Romania is located.

The aforementioned categories of third-country nationals can submit applications for a Romanian visa as follows:

  • personally or through a legal representative, in the case of underage persons;
  • through a legal representative;
  • through an accredited travel agency, in the case of organised trips;
  • through the legal representative of the tourist group, in the case of group travelling.

Visa applications can only be submitted to the diplomatic missions and consulates of Romania.

In order to refer to the web pages of the diplomatic missions and of the consulates of Romania, click HERE