Romania - NATO

Romania's goals as a NATO member are:

1. A robust and relevant alliance based on a solid transatlantic partnership capable to respond effectively to new security threats. A robust and dynamic transatlantic partnership is a crucial factor in addressing new security risks facing the transatlantic community.

2. Fulfilling the commitments as a NATO member regarding the participation in NATO operations and missions [link to the presentation of operations and missions]

Romania takes part in all Alliance missions and operations, including those out of the Euro-Atlantic area.

3. Supporting NATO’s role in providing stability, as a promoter of reforms and regional cooperation in the immediate vicinity of Romania (Balkans and the Black Sea area)

  • Romania deems that the Euro-Atlantic frontier, based on democracy, freedom and security should not stop at its eastern border. Europe can not be complete without the integration of Western Balkans in the European and Euro-Atlantic structures. This country can help secure long-term stability in this region and support reforms undertaken by countries in the region.
  • At the Eastern border of the Alliance, Romania has been and will continue to be a firm and active advocate of strengthening the partnership with Moldova. Romania will keep on supporting Georgia’s democratic development, its European vocation and its aspirations for integration into Euro-Atlantic structures.
  • As the Black Sea region, as part of Europe and a bridge to Central Asia and Afghanistan, is important for the Euro-Atlantic stability, Romania will join the efforts of coastal states to enhance regional security.

4. Development of partnerships between NATO-EU and NATO-UN

  • NATO's partnerships with the EU and the UN ensure cooperation in matters of common interest and contributes significantly to countering the threats and challenges to international security.
  • Romania has consistently supported the strenghtening of dialogue and cooperation between NATO and EU, in as many areas of common interest as possible, while respecting the specificity and autonomy of decision within each of the two organizations.
  • NATO relations with the United Nations is one of particular relevance and Romania is in favour of a broader cooperation between NATO and the UN in maintaining international peace and security.

5. Supporting the transformation process of NATO

- Romania will continue to contribute to NATO's transformation process aimed at imroving response to the new types of threats (terrorism, proliferation of mass destruction weapons).

Diplomatic representation

The Permanent Delegation of Romania to NATO