Economic Diplomacy

Promoting Romanian economic interests abroad

 Work in this respect consists in supporting, directly or jointly with other institutions, the activities and projects of strategic importance to Romania, providing support to foreign trade activities, expanding Romanian companies’ presence abroad, and attracting foreign investments in Romania.

MFA conducts the following activities, on a regular basis:

  • External promotion that facilitates the access on foreign markets and the expansion of Romanian companies already present abroad;
  • Cooperation with other specialized Romanian institutions in order to provide market intelligence and contacts to Romanian entrepreneurs interested to access foreign markets;
  • Monitoring, alongside with other competent institutions, the timely resolution of potential problems affecting Romanian entrepreneurs operating abroad;
  • Arranging meetings with business representatives to identify best ways to provide support;
  • Organizing economic events (conferences, workshops, reunions, forums) or supporting other governmental structures that hold similar events;
  • Business-specific assistance for economic missions abroad;
  • Enhancing the Romanian economic presence abroad by capitalizing on the potential provided by the honorary consuls of Romania;
  • Framing and implementing a timetable of initiatives designed to promote the economic interests of Romania.