Romania's participation at EXPO 2010…

Exchange of Ideas

The "Exchange of Ideas", competition and public debate has been approved on 11th of September 2008, in the meeting of the inter-ministerial Committee organizing the participation of Romania at EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China.

The main goal of the competition was to develop the concept of national participation at EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China through public debate (in accordance with the provisions of the Article 6, Paragraph (10) of the Government Decision no. 595/2008).

The participants have developed the proposals in accordance with the specifications of:

  • Rules for the organisation of the "Exchange of ideas"
  • The Guide for the official participants at Expo 2010 Shanghai China:
    • Section C. Theme Development
    • Section D. Construction and exhibition Arrangements
  • Maps: concerning the location of the plot in Zone C – Zone Europe, America, Africa and the sketches (6 items) containing details of the location : the general plan, the local plan, the access roads, public utilities for the construction area (water, electricity, air conditioning).

The contest took place between 15th of September and 17th of November 2008 and on 19th of December 2008 was completed the jury procedure, selecting the architectural concept. Beside the officials of the ministries which are part of the Commission for Romania's participation at EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China, participated, as specialists in the technical working group:

  • Mr. Camil Roguschi – architect and teacher with a large experience, he has chaired teams of architects and builders on projects of national scale;
  • Mr. Iliescu Mădălin – structure-designer, lecturer at the Department of descriptive geometry, technical drawing and info graphics at the Constructions University of Bucharest;
  • Mr. Stefan Caragiu - lecturer, PhD of the Scenography at the National University of Theatre and Cinema (UNATC).