Neighbourhood of Interest to Romania as EU Member …

The Republic of Moldova

The development of the bilateral relations with the Republic of Moldova is a priority of Romania’s foreign policy, which derives primarily from the communion of history, language, traditions and culture.

As a consequence, the fundamentals of the relations – closely interconnected – are the following:

1. support for the European perspective of the Republic of Moldova and

2. intensified bilateral cooperation.

The perspective of enhancing special, privileged relations with the Republic of Moldova is based on a partnership with strong European vocation – both politically and economically. A few bilateral instruments have been developed recently, such as: official development assistance (in 2010, 2 million Euros are allocated for different projects), the implementation of the small border traffic (in force since 30 March 2010), the Consulates General of Romania in Cahul and Bălţi (opened on 9 July 2010), bilateral projects in education, trade, transport, energy etc.

The Republic of Moldova has the necessary potential to become “the success story” of the EU Eastern Neighbourhood (for the EU European Neighbourhood Policy; Eastern Partnership). The negotiation process for a new and more advanced legal framework with the EU (Association Agreement) has been launched in Chişinău on 12 January 2010.

Regarding the relations between EU and the R. of Moldova, the following evolutions are to be expected in the near future: constant progress in the negotiations for the Association Agreement; progress in the EU- R. of Moldova dialogue on visa regime liberalization (launched on 15 June 2010), as well as the perspective of starting the talks on a deep and comprehensive EU-R. of Moldova Free Trade Area.