A chronology of Romania – NATO relationship


May 1996 - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana visits Romania.

June 1996 – The Romanian Parliament appeals to the Parliaments of the NATO Member States requesting support for Romania’s aspirations to become a NATO member. The appeal underlines the domestic political consensus regarding this major goal of the Romanian foreign policy.


February 1997 - Romanian President Emil Constantinescu meets the members of the North Atlantic Council and NATO Secretary General Javier Solana in Brussels. On this occasion, he reasserts Romania’s firm desire to join NATO.

April 1997 – The Romanian Parliament unanimously approves a message addressed at the Madrid Summit to the 16 NATO members, requesting support for a decision in favour of Romania’s NATO membership.

July 1997 - NATO holds its "enlargement" summit in Madrid; the Alliance decides to invite the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to join the Alliance; the final communiqué confirms that the process of enlargement continues; the text nominates Romania among the candidate countries which have made significant progress in fulfilling the NATO membership criteria.


April 1998 - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana pays an official visit to Romania.

October 1998 – The Romanian Parliament approves NATO’s request that aircraft of the Alliance may use the country’s air space for possible military operations against Yugoslavia, but in"urgent and exceptional situations" only.


February 1999 - Military from Romania and the United States set up an air traffic monitoring centre covering, besides Romanian territory, the neighbouring areas also.

March 1999 – Following a NATO request, Romania closes three airports in the Western part of the country - Timisoara, Arad and Caransebes - till the end of the operations of the Alliance against Yugoslavia.

18 April 1999 - NATO requests Romania to open its air space to Allied aircraft.

20 April 1999 - Romania’s Supreme Council for the Defence of the Country (CSAT) and the Government approve this request.

22 April 1999 – The Parliament authorizes NATO aircraft to use Romanian air space during the operations in Yugoslavia.

23-25 April 1999 - NATO Summit in Washington; NATO presents the Membership Action Plan (MAP), multi-stage process of political dialogue and military reform to bring a candidate country in line with NATO standards

May 1999 – The Ministry of Defence confirms that NATO air force may use Romanian airports during its operations in Yugoslavia.

May 1999 - Representatives of the Romanian Government and of NATO sign an agreement on the conditions under which Allied aircraft may use the Romanian air space.

17 June 1999 – The Romanian Parliament approves by a majority of votes the request made by President Emil Constantinescu that Polish and Czech contingents within international peacekeeping units for Kosovo (KFOR) be allowed to transit Romanian territory on their way to Yugoslavia.

July 1999 - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana visits Romania.