EU Strategy for the Danube Region

Frequently Asked Questions

4. How will the Strategy be developed?

The Strategy will be developed by the European Commission, Directorate General for Regional Policy – DG Regio – during 2010, on the basis of the contributions made by the various players from the Danube basin states interested in this process, which will be collected after the process of public consultation launched by the European Commission and each interested state, Romania included.

5. How will the Strategy be implemented and by whom?

The Strategy will be implemented by each riparian state, because it belongs to the Danube states. In particular, the Strategy targets local and regional public authorities and will try to meet their development needs. The contribution of the representatives of civil society and nongovernment organizations, including the business environment, to the process of public consultation is extremely important, because the final beneficiaries of the Strategy are all the citizens of Romania.

At Community level, the implementation of the Strategy will be coordinated by the European Commission through the Directorate General for Regional Policy (DG Regio).

6. Who will fund the Strategy’s projects?

The projects can be funded through the instruments of the existing Community financial framework, therefore from the already existing funds – the Structural and Cohesion Funds, the EU Solidarity Fund; the FP7 Programme; the LIFE+ instrument, the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, etc.

Other financing possibilities are provided by funds made available by international financial institutions like EIB, EBRD, by forging public-private partnerships and from possible contributions from the national budget or local budgets.

7. Does this Strategy imply an additional source of European funding?

We are now in the middle of the 2007-2013 financing period. The projects already included in the Operational Programmes run in this context are taken into consideration only to ensure continuity with the projects which are going to be identified through the Strategy.

We want the Danube Strategy to be a step forward towards streamlining the current funding procedures and coagulate the efforts of absorption of the European funds already committed to investment projects.

8. Is or can this Strategy be complementary to the Black Sea Strategy?

This Strategy can be considered as complementary to the EU Black Sea Synergy. There is an obvious interconnection among many of the priority projects to be carried out under the two Community Strategies.