Open Doors Day at the MFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking forward to welcoming you on the Open Doors Day, 21 September 2013, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., in the context of the European Heritage Days.

The tour will be as follows:

  • Access – main gate, 31, Aleea Alexandru – left side
  • Main building of the MFA

  1. Main entrance
  2. Central foyer
  3. Tour of the 2nd floor:
    • Room of maps
    • Gallery of foreign ministers
    • Titulescu Room
    • Office of the Foreign Minister
    • Office of the State Secretary for European Affairs
    • Office of the Minister Delegate for Romanians Abroad

       4.Grigore Gafencu Room

IMPORTANT: The 2nd floor will be visited only by guided organized groups proceeding from the central foyer, beginning at 10 a.m..


  • The courtyard of the MFA with an art display

  • The historical Eminescu building

  1. The White Room
  2. The central foyer
  3. The Room with Stained-Glass Windows

IMPORTANT: The Room with Stained-Glass Windows is where books in the Romanian language can be donated, for the benefit of Romanian children abroad.


The last group of visitors will form at 5:45 pm.