Cultural Cooperation (multilateral and regional)

The Alliance of Civilisations

Co-authored by Spain and Turkey and launched at the UN in 2005, this initiative is an anti-terrorist cooperation movement to fight against economic and social inequities through political, economic and social means and through the promotion of the rapprochement between cultures and religions.

The cultural dimension is granted special importance, as culture is considered an antidote against violence, as it facilitates tolerance of differences by a better knowledge of the “other”, elimination of preconceived ideas and the easing of intercultural tensions.  

Cultural activities of the Alliance of Civilisations in Romania

-          Publications: The Romanian fairy tale “Everlasting Youth and Deathless Life” translated into Arabic by George Grigore (Sharja (EAU): Dā’irat al-’I‘lām wa t-taqāfa, 2009.):

-          Conferences: International Conference “The Dialogue between East and West”, at Babes Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca (17-18 June 2010)

Projects: Multiculturalism was introduced as a subject of study at university level.

Alliance of Civilisation Ambassadors for Romania:


-          George Grigore, professor at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Bucharest,  editor-translator from Arabic (appointed in 2008);

-          Răzvan  Theodorescu, culture and art historian, member of the Romanian Academy (appointed in 2008);

-          Ilie Nastase, the most famous Romanian tennis player (2 times no.1 ATP), one of Romania’s most appreciated sport players (appointed in 2008) ;

-          Maia Morgenstern, great Romanian actress of Jewish origin (appointed in 2010).