Cultural Cooperation (multilateral and regional)

ASEM (Asia European Meeting)

ASEM – The social, cultural and intellectual pillar  aims at consolidating the cultural and interfaith relations between Asia and Europe, mainly at individual level („people-to-people”) for a better knowledge and rapprochement, as well as for eliminating biased ideas through culture. 

Culture: the cultural dimension and the stepping up of cultural cooperation between the two regions are the main priorities.


-          Culture Ministers Meeting  – (CMM) initiated in 2004, takes place once every two years (the fourth summit will take place in Poznan, Poland, 8-11 September 2010): highlights the importance of cooperation among ASEM countries for the conservation of cultural tangible and intangible heritage, as well as for creating aawareness about the economic and social dimension of cultural heritage.

-          The 1st ASEM Festival of Arts and culture took place in Beijing (2 – 8 September 2009) and consisted of book exhibitions and artistic performances. Romania presented a book stand.


The Interfaith dialogue launched during the summit of 2002

Objectives: to promote the dialogue between cultures and civilisations, to consolidate religious freedom and mutual knowledge of opeople of different religions, through interfaith and cultural dialogue.   


-          Annual forum attended by officials from ASEM member states, religious leaders, cultural personalities, the EU Commission, ASEF. (It was initiated in 2005, in Indonesia. The 6th Forum took place in , Madrid, 7-9 April 2010)

-          Photo competition, under the patronage of ASEM, under the title “Yes, we believe in interfaith dialogue!”, with the aim to facilitate and promote a better understanding between the peoples with different faiths and religions by means of photography, as a special communication channel in the interfaith dialogue.

Education:  ASEM Education Hubs (a network of European and Asian  universities that become centres of excellence for certain aspects of the EU - Asia  relations), ASEM Duo (a financing programme for the student/professor groups, headquartered in Seoul) and ERASMUS Mundus Programme of the EU Commssion.


Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) is the main platform for the consolidation of the principle of „people-to-people exchanges” in the educational, social and youth fields.

It was created in 1997, and its headquarters is in Singapore. It is the only “institution” in the ASEM system.

Romania appointed M. Gheorghe Magheru as its representative in the ASEF Governors Council in April 2009.