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Press release

Following the consultations that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Meleșcanu, had with NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, and with the Allies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes the following remarks:

The position expressed by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation regarding the violation of the provisions of the INF Treaty by NATO’s missile defence system, whose components are also deployed at Deveselu, is completely irrelevant, whereas the Deveselu anti-missile system is not subject to the INF Treaty.

The position of the Romanian MFA with respect to NATO’s Ballistic Missile Defence System, of which the Deveselu facility is an integral part, has not changed. This position can be found in all final Declarations of Allied Summits held in recent years.

We reiterate that NATO’s missile defence system at Deveselu, whose components are hosted by Romania, has no offensive capability, being a purely defensive instrument, essential for ensuring the security of the Euro-Atlantic area.

The concept of NATO’s missile defence system represents a proportional response to current threats and complies with all international commitments, including the INF Treaty. Any attempt by the Russian Federation to deny this fact is a flagrant disinformation and an attempt to distract attention from the real violation of the INF Treaty by the Russian state.

We remind that the position of Romania and its Allies on the INF was clearly expressed in the Declaration of the North Atlantic Council from 1 February 2019.