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Bogdan Aurescu takes over the mandate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Today, November 5th 2019, at the headquarters of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the presence of the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, and of the Romanian Prime Minister, Ludovic Orban, took place the ceremony of taking over the mandate as Minister of Foreign Affairs by Mister Bogdan Aurescu.

In his speech, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mister Bogdan Aurescu, pointed out the fact that the Romanian diplomacy needs a new breath in terms of performance, strength, good faith, innovation and result-oriented actions. The consolidation of Romania’s profile and of its international influence and implicitly the assurance of a well performing foreign policy implies an institutional and conceptual effort that will take time, dedication and scrupulosity: “I hope that by this effort we may become again an elite professional body, truly motivated to act as a team, coherently, for our common project – a performing foreign policy and a respected country abroad,” declared Minister Bogdan Aurescu.

As immediate priorities, Minister Aurescu highlighted the assessment of the new way to prepare the vote abroad for the presidential elections in Romania: “Regarding the immediate priorities, I would like to refer mostly to the vote abroad that will start after only three days since the new Executive has been set in place. During the following hour, I will ask from those in charge from the Ministry apparatus that have worked on this file, to draft a comprehensive report regarding the stage of the preparations of the presidential elections abroad, according to the competences of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I will also ask the heads of the diplomatic and consular missions to send within the shortest delay possible an evaluation, from their own perspective, of the stage of preparation and of the potential risks and vulnerabilities. Based on their feedback, we will see if and what can still be done, within the limits of Ministry’s attributions and at the Government level, at this stage that is very close to the moment of the elections, taking into consideration the limits of the legal provisions governing this topic.”

Minister Bogdan Aurescu showed that the effort of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the upcoming period will not be an easy one: “First, we have to rebuild the prestige and the capacity of action of an institution that is essential for Romania. Secondly, we need to restore the dignity and motivation among its people and, last but not least, we must perform in a complicated international environment. So, let’s start working! Thank you very much!”

In his speech, the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, highlighted the fact that that Romania’s foreign policy is based on the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America, on the role Romania plays within the European Union and NATO, aiming to consolidate, strengthen and extend the strategic partnerships and achieve a good profiling of Romania on a global level. The President underlined as well that “Romania must have a solid, successful and reliable foreign policy, regardless of who governs at any given moment our country.” He underlined the excellent collaboration with the current Foreign Minister during his time as Presidential adviser for foreign policy, whose mandate as head of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will give a new note of performance and excellence to the institution’s activity.

Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban pointed out the need to reorganize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building on principles of professionalism, integrity, seriousness and efficiency, showing that the main objective of Romania’s foreign policy is to “increase the influence and the international profile of Romania abroad, by strengthening our capacity to project the democratic values of the rule of law and stability at the neighborhood level and beyond it”. Prime Minister Orban wished Minister Bogdan Aurescu and all members of the diplomatic and consular body success in achieving this objective.


The full speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is enclosed.

The ceremony of taking over the mandate is available here: