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Telephone conversation of the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu with NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg

Press release

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Minister, Mister Bogdan Aurescu, had today a telephone conversation with NATO’s Secretary General, Mister Jens Stoltenberg. On this occasion, the head of the Romanian diplomacy assured the high NATO official of the full support of the President of Romania, Mister Klaus Iohannis, of the Romanian Government, of the Prime Minister, Mister Ludovic Orban, and his own support regarding the achievement of the Alliance's objectives, as well as regarding the continuation of our country’s policies and commitments within NATO, as stipulated by the government program of the new Government in place in Bucharest.

The two officials reviewed the priorities for the upcoming period. In this context, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out the importance granted by Romania to the consolidation of the role played by NATO in the Black Sea region, by consolidating the advanced presence on the South side of the East Flank. In this context, he underlined the importance of implementing the Black Sea package, adopted by the allied foreign ministers in April this year, in Washington. At the same time, he pointed out the need to increase NATO’s naval presence in the Black Sea and also the allied contributions to the Multinational Brigade in Romania. He equally informed about the new Government’s support concerning the continuation of the commitment regarding the allocation 2 % of the GDP for the defence sector.

The Secretary General, Mister Jens Stoltenberg, congratulated the new Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs for taking over the position, and thanked him for Romania’s support and contributions within NATO, mentioning Romania’s involvement both in the South and north of the Eastern Flank, in Poland, for the allocation of 2 % of the GDP for the defence sector and for participating in NATO’s missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo and evoked the importance of the NATO missile system has in Romania. The Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, reconfirmed, in his turn, the need to implement all the measures adopted by the Alliance in order to consolidate the Euro-Atlantic security, including in the South side of the Eastern Flank.

The two high officials reviewed the agenda of the NATO ministerial meeting in November and underlined the importance of the meeting of the allied heads of State and government which will take place in London in December 2019, to accelerate the Alliance’s adaptation process. They also agreed to deepen the dialogue, including on the occasion of the meeting of the allied foreign ministers in November 2019.