Teodor Baconschi, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Inauguration of Romanian Cultural Institute “Mihai Eminescu”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi: “I share this feeling of elation about the opening of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Chisinau. This was a long-standing ambition on the bilateral agenda, and today we can be glad again for the feeling we are recovering time lost and offering ourselves a normal future.

There is no doubt that this Romanian Cultural Institute, that Minister Leancă and Mr. Patapievici will also speak about, is not an ordinary one. We haven’t come here to just any capital city of the world. We believe we are in a European capital here, and are persuaded that with its programs the “Mihai Eminescu” Romanian Cultural Institute in Chisinau will prove all anti-Romanian clichés in the older and newer Moldovan society as groundless and obsolete.

The living culture in contemporary Romania will be the best messenger of the change that has already taken place in our case; it will also be the herald of change that is undoubtedly still needed in the Romanian society as well, but will also be able to show culture consumers in the Republic of Moldova the face of an attractive, loving country that will undoubtedly continue to play its role as a facilitator for the European path the Republic of Moldova has committed itself to.

I am voicing my hope that your work, Director, and that of the team we are going to establish here as soon as possible, takes place under the best auspices, that you enjoy, together with our brothers in the Republic of Moldova, the democratic, pluralist evolution of this country and the extension of the scope of freedoms for its citizens, that you do things that turn out so beautiful, creative, innovative that we too feel compelled to come and witness them as members of your audience.

As regards support from the Romanian Government, you already know you can count on it, as well as, I am sure, on the support of the Moldovan authorities, for the best possible operation of this Institute. So let this be a good start, with no triumphalism but with souls full of hope. Today, for the first time, we enter this building and I am sure that every year the Romanian cultural presence in Chisinau will shine its light in the capital city as well as on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova, bringing its full contribution to improving the relationship between Bucharest and Chisinau.