Danube and Delta 2011

The European Commission approved in 2010 a European strategy to develop the economic potential for the Danube macro-region, targeting eight EU Member States and six other European countries. Danube Strategy is a model of regional cooperation at European level, which implements a new concept of territorial cohesion.

Considering this context, this year Romexpo, under the patronage of the Ministry of External Affairs of Romania and with the support of The Romanian Chamber of Commerce, aims to launch on the local and European market a new fair concept according to the new EU initiative: DANUBE & DELTA - International fair for the Developing of Danube macro-region.

During DANUBE & DELTA 2011 will take place several additional events such as: conferences, workshops, seminars, debates and The Danube Navigation Forum. All the events are organized by governmental institutions and NGOs directly involved in Danube area development projects.

DANUBE & DELTA 2011 aims to become the support for the European initiative by providing a platform to promote encourage and generate partnerships and projects among European, regional and local authorities, but also between national authorities, nongovernmental bodies and business environment from all involved countries.

Therefore, DANUBE & DELTA offers a wide exposure and promotes the development potential of the Danube region, the operational programs and projects within the Danube Strategy Action Plan. This event will bring together the main parties involved and targeted by the European Strategic Programme: the coordinators, the beneficiaries and the service providers.

The main parties invited to the event are the central governmental institutions, directly involved in local and regional implementation and coordination of regional cooperation in all priority areas identified in the Danube Strategy: transport, energy, tourism, environmental protection, rural development, information and communications technologies culture, education and research, but also representatives from the business community and NGO’s.

The event’s objectives are to promote social and economic potential of macro-Danube region, sustaining new projects suitable for the Danube and Delta area, attracting investment, promoting Danube Strategy Action Plan, operational programs, cross-border cooperation, the importance of empowering the European citizen and the potential of the Danube corridor, facilitating a multicultural dialogue and setting geographical connection between the Danube regions.

For more details please visit the exhibition website, www.delta-expo.ro, where you will find the application forms and details about the event, or you can contact Diana Popa – Project Manager – at: phone (ext. 1052), mobile 0757 065 658 and e-mail delta@romexpo.ro.

Contact person for this event

Andrada Berezintu
phone: 004021/431.13.11
e-mail: andrada.berezintu@mae.ro