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Millennium Development Goals

191 countries, including Romania, adopted The Millennium Declaration at the Millennium Summit (New York, 2000), a unique global agenda in the development domain and set out eight goals – Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – to be achieved by 2015: 

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2. Achieve universal primary education

3. Promote gender equality and empower women

4. Reduce child mortality

5. Improve maternal health

6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

7. Ensure environmental sustainability

8. Develop a global partnership for development.


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More than 10 years after the adoption of the Millennium Declaration there are some real progress on the achievement of the MDGs, their principles being incorporated in the national development strategies.

The progress in the MDGs achievement is unevenly distributed and was determined also by the impact of the main global challenges – the financial and economic crises, the increase in food prices, the climate change consequences, as well as the conflict and instability areas.

On 25 September 2013, a special event of the President of the United Nations General Assembly on the MDGs took place in New York. The Member States adopted the outcome document.

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Romania and the MDGs

Romania attaches a great importance to the United Nations.

The MDGs have been a complementary instrument for mobilizing, at the national level, the resources in the economic and social areas.

Since 2007, Romania has been contributing to the achievement of the MDGs not only from a national perspective, but also from an international one by supporting the efforts of other countries. The Romanian expertise from the transition process has been instrumental in supporting the efforts of the interested countries.