Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Mission Statement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the institution of central public administration which implements the foreign policy of Romania, in accordance with the legislation in force and with the Government’s Program.

For that purpose the Ministry works closely with other government institutions, with representatives of the civil society, the business community, the cultural and academic institutions.

It is organized and operates according to the Romanian Government’s Executive Decision no. 100/2004 and its subsequent amendments.

The responsibilities of the Ministry include:

  • implementing the strategic guidelines of Romania’s foreign policy;
  • elaborating the action plan for the implementation of the Government Program, as reflected in its foreign policy chapter;
  • contributing to the creation of the legal and institutional framework that governs the carrying out of strategic objectives in its field of activity;
  • representing the Romanian State in relation with foreign governments and in international organizations;
  • running the diplomatic service in the headquarters, diplomatic missions and consular offices;
  • managing the historical heritage of the Romanian diplomatic service.

The main objectives of the Ministry:

  • deepening the participation of the Romanian State in the European Union and consolidating Romania’s political, economic, social and cultural profile in the overall European construction;
  • developing relations with Romania’s neighbour countries, its strategic partners, especially the United States and the other Euro-Atlantic partners, as well as countries in other geographical areas;
  • acting as a firm and loyal Ally within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the central pillar of Romania’s security and defence policy and of the transatlantic relationship;
  • actively participating in various forms of multilateral cooperation and promoting the interests of the Romanian State in international organizations with a universal vocation, in regional organisations as well as in other fora; 
  • supporting and protecting the interests of Romanian citizens abroad by fulfilling all the tasks of the consular service and assisting Romanians living beyond the borders.

Foreign policy activities outside the country are conducted through the network of diplomatic missions of Romania.

The Ministry assists the national authorities and other ministries, but also companies, business people, professionals in all fields and associations which contribute to Romania’s image and action abroad on issues pertaining to the national foreign policy.  

It also provides consular services, information and assistance for Romanian citizens travelling abroad.