Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Open Doors Day at the MFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking forward to welcoming you on the Open Doors Day, 21 September 2013, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., in the context of the European Heritage Days.

The tour will be as follows:

  • Access – main gate, 31, Aleea Alexandru – left side
  • Main building of the MFA

  1. Main entrance
  2. Central foyer
  3. Tour of the 2nd floor:
    • Room of maps
    • Gallery of foreign ministers
    • Titulescu Room
    • Office of the Foreign Minister
    • Office of the State Secretary for European Affairs
    • Office of the Minister Delegate for Romanians Abroad

       4.Grigore Gafencu Room

IMPORTANT: The 2nd floor will be visited only by guided organized groups proceeding from the central foyer, beginning at 10 a.m..


  • The courtyard of the MFA with an art display

  • The historical Eminescu building

  1. The White Room
  2. The central foyer
  3. The Room with Stained-Glass Windows

IMPORTANT: The Room with Stained-Glass Windows is where books in the Romanian language can be donated, for the benefit of Romanian children abroad.


The last group of visitors will form at 5:45 pm.