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 Romania - Member of the Board of Governors of International Atomic Energy Agency (2008-2010)

During the 52nd session of the IAEA General Conference (September-October 2008), Romania was elected member of the IAEA Board of Governors as a State member of the Eastern European Regional Group for a term of two years. On the occasion of the first Board meeting in October 2008, Romania was designated one of two Vice Chair for a period of one year.

Representing Romania as Vice Chairman of IAEA Board of Governors, Ambassador Cornel Feruţă, the Permanent Representative of Romania in Vienna, undertook in 2009 the coordination of the complex task of agreeing by consensus amongst all Member States the IAEA budget for the cycle 2010-2011. The Permanent Mission has contributed substantially to the successful completion of an intensive and lengthy process of negotiations with IAEA Secretariat and the Member States and the new budget was adopted during the IAEA General Conference (14-18 September 2009). Against the backdrop of global economic crisis, the new budget constitutes an adequate response of the Member States to the current and future challenges in the nuclear field. IAEA’s role regarding the non-proliferation regime aims at strengthening and supporting a significant increase in activities of the organization required by the revival of the interest of many states in developing nuclear power. In addition, it endows the Agency with additional tools to combat nuclear terrorism. By comparison with previous years, the innovations of the new budget are: additional funding for nuclear safety and the establishment of a capital investment fund. Increasing budgetary resources devoted to IAEA nuclear safety programmes are meant to mitigate the concerns of Member States with regard to nuclear terrorism risks. The establishment of the investment capital fund provides for predictable resources needed to rebuild and equip IAEA nuclear analytical laboratories and to strengthen the capacity of the Agency in the research and verification fields.

On the occasion of the IAEA Board of Governors meeting on September 22nd, 2009, Romania was re-elected to the position of Vice-Chair of the Board for the period 2009-2010. The Member States of the Eastern European Regional Group in the Board decided to renew the mandate of Romania as Vice-Chair of this body for another session, suspending the Rules of procedure stipulating that this function can not be held twice in a row by the same State.

Reappointment of Romania as Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors for 2009-2010 by acclamation is clear proof of our country’s commitment to upholding the tasks and objectives of the IAEA, and a recognition of the hard work of the Romanian Mission in Vienna during the 2008-2009 session when it contributed substantially to the agreement on the budget and other programmatic activities of the organization.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors for the period 2009-2010, the Malaysian Governor, appointed the Governor of Romania to conduct the negotiations regarding the Medium-Term Strategy of the International Atomic Energy Agency for the cycle 2012-2017.

This is the main programmatic IAEA document, establishing the Agency’s priorities for the next five years. The Romanian Governor is responsible of chairing a complex process of negotiations and consultations with the IAEA Secretariat and the Member States. The outcome will be discussed during the 2010 winter session of the IAEA Board of Governors.