Ministry of Foreign Affairs



The Green Paper on Multilateral Diplomacy

On the initiative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a Green Paper on Multilateral Diplomacy has been compiled. The document is meant to evaluate the current stage of Romanian multilateral diplomacy. Working out this Green Paper involved a strenuous analytical, forecasting and planning effort both by the departments at the Ministry Headquarters and by Romania’s missions to international organizations.

The goal of the undertaking is better to turn to advantage the opportunities multilateral diplomacy holds out in the current international political context. We want this undertaking to help complete a plan of multilateral actions on the short and medium term, comprising specific, consistent and efficient projects.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expecting suggestions, additions and considerations from public opinion by e-mail at by 30 November 2010 at the latest, with a view to using them in designing the respective plan, which is to be put together in early 2011.

To download the Romanian version of The Green Paper on Multilateral Diplomacy, click HERE ! [ PDF, 460 KB ]