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The Danube Summit (Bucharest, 8 November 2010)


On 8 November 2010 Bucharest hosted the Danube Summit, a major event where the participants debated aspects related to the main lines to be taken into account in structuring the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

Invitations to be part of the high-level attendance at the Danube Summit in Bucharest were extended to 22 delegations representing the national governments of the 14 states in the Danube region, to the President of the European Commission, the prime ministers/governors of the 6 riparian länder in Germany and Austria, and to the mayor of the German city of Ulm. Poland, too, was invited as an observer.

The Summit was structured as follows: a first plenary session, working lunch, and the second plenary session, devoted to adopting the Bucharest Declaration of the Summit, followed by a press conference.