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Romanian BSEC Chairmanship-in-Office

Therefore, Romania’s actions in its capacity as CiO of BSEC will aim at revitalizing economic cooperation, achieving concrete results and emphasizing the project-oriented dimension of the Organization.

The Romanian Chairmanship-in-Office believes that in an increasingly intertwined economic and institutional environment, time is ripe for identifying the instruments and modalities through which the Organization can enhance its relevance for all its Member States, and increase the attractiveness of the region.

Hence, the overriding priority objective for Romania’s CiO mandate will be strengthening the economic component of BSEC and streamlining BSEC projects in line with existing financial resources.

This is reflected in the motto of the Chairmanship: Building Sustainability, Enhancing Commitments, which mirrors the acronym of the Organization. The first two elements show the determination to imprint a more project-oriented approach of the BSEC, while by Enhancing Commitments, Romania understands to promote and undertake common actions designated for a better rate of success rather than individual actions. The acronym also provides for the future outlook of BSEC, as its institutional maturity also calls out for shaping of its perspectives and future objectives.

The Romanian CiO succeeds those of the other two EU Member States, Bulgaria and Greece. In this context, the Romanian CiO considers that, based on the natural coincidence of interests of BSEC and EU in fields such as entrepreneurship, SMEs, investments, IT, transport, energy security, environment, border control, crime prevention, etc. a pragmatic BSEC – EU interaction is bound to stimulate consistent results to the benefit of all BSEC Member States and beyond. Such a pragmatic EU dimension within BSEC will strengthen the premise laying at the heart of the establishment of the Organization: that as Europe grows and changes, the promise of economic cooperation within and around Europe will grow, and the countries of the Black Sea must be prepared to both contribute to, and benefit from, such developments.

In a nutshell, as incoming Chairmanship-in-Office of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), Romania intends to deliver concrete results building on the work of the previous CiOs of the BSEC while preparing the ground for future BSEC CiOs.

The priorities set for will focus on:

  1. Continuing Romania’s firm commitment to regional economic cooperation and BSEC.
  2. Stimulating BSEC economic mission, with special emphasis on environment policies, energy, raising economic exchanges, trade and further building a framework for encouraging intra-regional investments.
  3. Consolidating cooperation in the field of internal affairs, especially in combating organized crime and corruption.
  4. Strengthening the EU-BSEC interaction, by stimulating common understanding and cooperation between BSEC and EU institutions and Member States.
  5. Achieving further progress in the implementation of the Partnership for Environment and in launching of the other two Partnerships within the Black Sea Synergy, in consultation and cooperation with all BSEC Member States.
  6. Furthering the unique role of BSEC in the region and its specific activities with a view to unlock the untapped potential of BSEC as a platform for dialogue and cooperation.
  7. Enhancing the dialogue of BSEC with the international community and boosting the contribution of BSEC to strengthening the stability in the region, within the framework provided by the Charter.
  8. Reinvigorating the ongoing internal process of reflection regarding the perspective of the Organization and its future objectives with a view to strengthening the Organization as a factor for regional cooperation.
  9. Increasing the interaction of BSEC with all its partners, observers and other related bodies, in order to enhance the importance of BSEC and turn this interaction to the benefit of its Member States.


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