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9th edition of the Foreign Affairs Open

Bucharest, the Diplomatic Club, 28 of May -13 of June 2011

The 9th edition of the MFA Open organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take place between the 28 of May and the 13 of June . During this competition, the Romanian and foreign diplomats will compete in  the following sports: football, basketball, badminton, tennis and table tennis. Both the sport competitions and the rewarding festivity will take place at the Diplomatic Club.


The MFA Open promotes the importance of fair-play and of mutual respect among people, countries and different cultures, even in the context of a competition; the MFA Open helps strengthening the interpersonal relationship between Romanian and foreign diplomats and promoting our country among the representatives of other states; it also supports a better understanding of the diplomatic activity and of the role that other actors – such as private companies - play in promoting a country.

Organised for the first time in 2003, the Foreign Affairs Open has become one of most appreciated public events of the diplomatic community in Bucharest.

In the context of a globalized world, in which diplomacy plays a paramount role in fulfilling the national interest, the Foreign Affairs Open is an excellent instrument to attend key objectives relevant both for the for the diplomatic  and the business community and for the general   public.

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